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sftri 254
Steirkampf (Turbonegro)
(He's A) Grunge Whore

Out of print since the month it was released in 1993. This is the only record of this line-up of Turbonegro with this short-lived name change.  Due to a new singer decisions were made to rename to STIERKAMPF ( the german word for 'bull-fight' ) - a change that apparently caused slight trouble for the band being suspected of 'crypto-nazism'. Offerings for gigs were refused, nevertheless they played a few shows as support for Poison Idea in Oslo ( Hanky's stage debut in april '93 too ! ), on the 1st of may in Copenhagen, Denmark & as support for The Ramones in august '93 at the Oslo Rock festival. It's title, "Grunge Whore" is meant as some kind of reckoning with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana including precise predictions on his rockstar suicide which actually was to follow one year later ! In fact Turbonegro had once confronted the Nirvana singer at the Oslo Kalvøya Festival in 1992 that was headlined by his band. Turbonegro were performing at the aftershow party and it is reported that Kurt escaped the party desperately holding his hands clamped to his ears after giving Turbonegro a listen for a couple of songs.

In an interview for a greek fanzine Turbonegro adviced the readers not to participate in the then current Seattle grunge boom: "Remember that out of e-v-e-r-y Nirvana or Alice In Chains record sold, one dollar of gold goes to the CIA's weapon's operations!" Stierkampf played hard and angry and were flinging leprosy-messages to the East and West : Sample lyric:  'Big wheels keep on turning / Napalm keeps on burning / Paying for the CIA guns / With his distorted guitars and his pounding drums.' Member pseudonymes for this recording are Herr Tugen, Bongo, Bingo, L. Ron Bud and Brune.

The Black Flag cover, "Six Pack"features Eugene Chadbourne on twin banjo and former singer Harald Fossberg on vocals. Currently poised to take over the airwaves of the free and not-so-free world this is Turbonegro way back when.

Grunge Whore
Black Chrome
Pain In Der Arsch
Pocket Full Of Cash
Six Pack



sftri 738/739

"One look at Scarling. might suggest that they're a new batch of goth-inclined neo-hipsters ready to sell themselves to America's disaffected youth in the wake of the breakthrough of Evanescence. However, while a spin of their debut full-length, Sweet Heart Dealer, confirms that legions of mopey kids should go for this big-time, it's also clear that this band has an awful lot more going for them than the surfaces might suggest."

Sonic experimentalists Scarling. are back with a new vinyl single. The appropriately titled single "Crispin Glover" is intended to tide fans of the band over until their next full length release. It features a revamped version of CG which appeared on the band's February release "Sweet Heart Dealer". This 7-inch features 2 different sleeves with 2 different exclusive b-sides *first pressings on disgustingly pretty vinyl...

"Like a more-gothy Veruca Salt (taut, epic guitar soundscapes with lilting and uplifting ethereal female vocals) crossed with the crushing darkness of My Bloody Valentine". - Metal Hammer UK


sftri 712
The Dwarves Must Die
cd/lp out NOW

The histories of some musical groups are so shrouded in legend that separating fact from fiction is nearly impossible.  The Dwarves rise from Illinois paisley garage band to San Francisco punk icons to international symbols of decadence has been so fraught with misinformation that less is known about them now than when they first made the scene almost two decades ago.

The Dwarves Must Die adds another layer of mystery and intrigue to this sordid tale of rock n' roll excess and the only label that matters, Sympathy for the Record Industry, is the perfect place for this warped masterpiece. Careening wildly from garage to hardcore, from hip hop to art rock, from pop punk to sheer noise, the album takes a journey through the dark heart of American music to the dirty soul that lies beneath.

Singer Blag Dahlia and guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, with the help of multi-platinum producer Eric Valentine, have assembled a crack team of players with funny names including: the Fresh Prince of Darkness, Clint Torres, Wreck Tom, Rex Everything and Tazzie Bushweed. The list of celebrity guests includes Dexter Holland from the Offspring, Nick Oliveri from QOTSA, Nash Kato from Urge Overkill, rapper San Quinn, DJ Marz, EBlack¨ Josh Freese and even the original Space Ghost Gary Owens.




Photographer Michael Lavine took the cover shot, an homage to the Dwarves classic "Blood, Guts and Pussy" and "Come Clean" album covers, that rides the line between smut and sheer genius to a place where parental advisory stickers dare not tread.

Known for their ferocious live performances, the Dwarves will tour the world in support of The Dwarves Must Die.  In this age of prepackaged punk and ready-made rebellion, the Dwarves remain fiercely independent and unrepentant to the end.


Bleed On
Fuck Eat and Fuck you up
Salt Lake City
Blast These Assholes  
Like You Want
Fuck the Bitch and Go
Christ on a Mic  
Downey Jr.
The Dwarves Must Die

sftri 737

Salt Lake City & Go!

(exclusive to this singLe)


This single from the highly anticipated new Dwarves album, 'The Dwarves Must Die'. It features Dexter Holland from the Offspring and Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stoneage and boasts production by Blag Dahlia and multi-platinum producer Eric Valentine. This vinyl teaser contains a different version of 'SALT LAKE CITY' than what will appear on the album which is already being hailed as the most eclectic, original and downright bizarre album in years and this 7" single will give you a taste of where the Dwarves are taking rock 'n' roll in 2004 and beyond. 



For all of the usual idiotic reasons including having the audacity of being vastly ahead of their time, one of the most legendary and increasingly influential Los Angeles bands of the last 2 1/2 decades has characteristically never received the respect and success they so richly deserve. Although always revered in the U.K. and in Europe, The Gun Club virtually escaped any notoriety in the U.S., where adulation is based on record sales rather than artistry and talent. However an abundance of Gun Club bootlegs are currently making the rounds and their original records demand exorbitant collectors' prices. Has the time really come to recognize the immense contribution of The Gun Club?

The Gun Club were irreverent upstarts and genuine innovators. They were among the first to incorporate the punk ethic and flaunt that attitude. They injected it into a resurrection of the dark spirit of Blues and Roots music and thereby created a unique new hybrid genre.

For leader/guiding light Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Gun Club was an intense and cathartic medium to broadcast and exorcise his personal demons with a repertoire concerned mainly with themes of sex, vengeance and a preoccupation with death. On stage he was known for his substance abuse and unpredictable behavior. Unfortunately his talent and vision was silenced forever in 1996 when he died of a brain hemorrhage.

Working directly with the family of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Animal Records owner Chris Stein, Sympathy for the Record Industry is excited and honored to be re-releasing 3 long out of print
GUN CLUB records.

sftri 740

Following their ground-breaking debut, "Fire of Love", MIAMI was released in 1982 and has been out of print for more than 10 years. Produced by Blondie's Chris Stein, it has a cleaner sound than its predecessor, yet manages to retain a similar urgency and overall intensity as well as Pierce's ominous trademark howl. Debbie Harry sings back-up on various tracks under the pseudonym D.H.Lawrence.

Carry Home, Calling Up Thunder, Brother and Sister, Run Through the Jungle, Devil in the Woods, Texas Serenade, Watermelon Man, Bad Indian, John Hardy, Fire of Love, Sleeping in Blood City, Mother of Earth

sftri 741

After a lineup shake-up, DEATH PARTY (1983) is the only recording by this version of The Gun Club.

In addition to Jeffrey on guitar and vocals there is Dee Pop (Bush Tetras) on drums, Jim Duckworth (Panther Burns) and Jimmy Uiana on bass. This is a strange and unholy record. "Death Party" (the track) was co-written by San Francisco band Flipper and Pierce, and according to Duckworth "it was based on a moronic rock riff that made us all laugh." The standout track among the apocalyptic preaching is the haunting and beautiful "The House on Highland Avenue. "

Also included for the first time anywhere is 7 tracks from a live radio broadcast from Geneva, Switzerland in March 1983. The band on this recording is Patricia Morrison, Jim Duckworth, Dee Pop and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Sufice to say there are a lot of surprises, revelations and astonishing moments from this session.

The House on Highland Avenue, The Lie, Light of the World, Death Party, Come Back Jim
Radio Geneva Show: Strange Fruit, Fire of Love, House on Highland Ave, Death Party, Heebie Jeebies, The Lie, Run Through the Jungle (because of time constraints the lp version contains only 4 of the live tracks)

sftri 742

Although Jeffrey would reform and reignite The Gun Club
up until his death, this release from 1984 marked the end
of the original era. Kid Congo Powers was back on guitar after serving time with The Cramps and Rob Ritter who left to join 45 Grave was replaced by Patricia Morrison on bass. Including peculiar choices for covers by Pharoah Sanders and Gershwin, LAS VEGAS STORY begins with
a Bo Diddley drum beat and continues through a pastiche of styles and storylines that encapsulate the warped ideals of middle America.

The Las Vegas Story, Walkin' With the Beast, Eternally Is Here, Stranger In Our Town, My Dreams, Master Plan, My Man's Gone Now, Bad America, Moonlight Motel, Give Up The Sun
bonus track on CD"Secret Fires"

sftri 746
"Walkin' with the beast/secret fires"

"Walkin' With The Beast" is an alternate version of the one appearing on "The Las Vegas Story". "Secret Fires" appears here for the first time on vinyl. It also appears on the cd version (not on the LP) released by Sympathy For The Record Industry. This single is limited to 1500 copies.






SUICIDE is singer ALAN VEGA and keyboardist
MARTIN REV. They came out of the same New
York City scene that spawned the RAMONES,
mid 70s.

A blend of psychosis and sentimentality wrapped
up in minimalistic drones, menacing vocals, mad scat
lines, heavily echoed screams and screeches, incoherent mumbles and a dash of sugary crooning, the 'primal duo' (as they have been affectionately dubbed) recorded ATTEMPTED; LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY 1980, and features the distinctive SUICIDE sound in its most passionate and primitive form. Never intended for commercial release, this 'no frills' raw and wild punk ritual illustrates why SUICIDE are among rock 'n roll's consumate performers.

Using only a 1950's rhythm machine and a cheap Farfisa keyboard on their legendary and eponymous self titled debut in1977, SUICIDE are considered to be one of the pioneers and founders of today's electronica movement and have influenced the likes of JESUS & MARY CHAIN, SPACEMEN 3, STEREOLAB and scores of others. This record released for the first time ever is nearly 80 minutes long and contains previously unreleased songs.

Not for the faint of heart, ATTEMPTED is perfect in all its imperfection ... even 24 years later.

Dream Baby Dream
Ghost Rider
96 Tears
Rocket USA
Touch Me/Be Bop a Lula
Night Time
Frankie Teardrop


1976...Punk Rock...London...New York...CBGB....., everyone makes those connections. HOWEVER! Seeds were taking root in much more far off and strange places back then.

Perth Western Australia, the most isolated capitol city in the world. Kim Salmon was developing his paralell universe of punk and from it came forth The Scientists - on e of the cornerstones of 'garage rock'.

'Pissed On Another Planet' cronicles The Scientists early experiments in those Perth years 1978-1980. The sound was a brash blend of punk rock and anglo pop quite different to the primal swamp grunge blueprint known and beloved by ' garage heads' the world over. 'Frantic Romantic', Last Night', 'Pissed On Another Planet', 'Teenage Dreamer'....all those collecter's faves..., they're all here, along with previously unreleased material from the very first time this band was captured on magnetic tape.

You knew the Scientists could throb. Put this disc on and find out that these guys could also ROCK!

1. Frantic Romantic
2. Shake Together Tonite
3. Pissed On Another Planet
4. Last Night
5. Its For Real
6. Bet You're Lyin'
7. Larry
8. Teenage Dreamer
9. That Girl
10. She Said She Loves Me
11. Shadows Of The Night
12. High Noon
13. Girl
14. Lookin For You
15. Walk the Plank

and a limited addition bonus disc.


L.A.-based scarling. – founded by former Jack Off
Jill singer Jessicka and guitar noise theorist
Christian Hejnal -- is an amalgam of sound and
texture, perversely experimental and sonically
assuming. Influenced by everyone from My
Bloody Valentine, Loop, The Melvins, and Sonic Youth
to Daisy Chainsaw, Lush, The Velvet Underground, and
the Cure, scarling.’s talent lies in their ability to create
actual song structures from noise and chaos.

Try to listen to scarling.’s first single -- the Chris Vrenna-produced "Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole” – and not have the chorus ring in your head forever. The red vinyl version of that 7-inch sold out shortly after Sympathy For The Record Industry released it on March 19, 2003 – coincidentally the same day as cover artist Mark Ryden's "Blood" show and Bush's declaration of war - how's that for combustible?

Now, scarling. is back with the 7-song/33-minute Sweet Heart Dealer (produced by Vrenna) that is sure to keep you awake for nights on end.

1. Last Day I Was Happy
2. Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
3. Crispin Glover
4. Alexander The Burn Victim
5. Baby Dracula
6. Black Horse Riding Star
7. Can’t

Press Raves:

"Scarling. is symphony of chainsaws buzzing at the gates of heaven. Finally, a band that gives us music to care about." -Allstar

“In a time when music is so easily descriptive and predictable, scarling. have one great thing going for them, they have a truly original sound. They are a great rock band that will appeal to fans of The Cure, Lush, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth.“ –Status




Musicians Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo) and Pietra Wexstun (Hecates Angels) have created a musical score to accompany artist Mark Ryden's New York/Los Angeles exhibition of paintings, "BLOOD: Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear." They composed this audio documentary to go with each painting in the show. This is a special limited release and is encased in an elaborate and unique three-fold packaging designed by Mark Ryden and featuring paintings from the "BLOOD" exhibition.

The composers' intent for MARK RYDEN'S "BLOOD: Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear" was to create music that would allow the mind to wander and imagine - to function like a series of shadows or distant echoes. Co-released by Sympathy for the Record Industry and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions.


Baptism of Jajo
Lincoln's Head
Manus Christi
Cloven Bunny
Night Visit
Blood Suite in Four Movements




Holly Golightly is the real deal !!
Mark my words, she is a world class artist and it wasn't
Jack White who discovered her as the press would
lead you to believe (she has more than 10 albums out,
this will be Sympathy's 4th) but to his credit he did see
the merits of jumping on her bandwagon and writing a
duet for her to include on the White Stripes latest
grammy winning album...

Backed by a band of ex-Headcoats and Greenhorns Holly toured the west coast in October 2003 and this record is from one of the Southern California shows...Included are 20 songs which capture the heart and soul of Country, early R & B and the best elements of Rock & Roll...Her performance is flawless and inbetween songs Holly jokes, chatters and displays a charming nonchalance that is both heartfelt and genuine...The encore features her tourmates Ko and the Knockouts for a somewhat shakey, but fun and lively finale...

Over the last 6 years Sympathy has watched her audiences enthusiasm grow and the adoration swell and whether or not Holly is ever able to quit her truckdriving job at home in England or pay off the deteriorating houseboat she lives on or if she ever receives the financial rewards and recognition that she sincerely deserves I am here to tell you that Holly Golightly is a true star in every sense of the word...


Wherever you were
Directly from my heart
Length of pipe
Walk a mile
Slowly but surely
This wonderous day
Further on up the road
Won't go out
Black night
Can't stand to see your face
Sally go round the roses
Your love is mine
Nothing you can say
No big thing
Empty heart
Strange effect
Run cold
I had a dream\
Crow jane
Shot down


5 track 12"

The French think Americans are selfish bullies who throw their weight around; Americans think the French are haughty snobs with an annoying propensity for giving lessons. The two countries have always had a thorny love-hate relationship, but now we have April March, ambassador to France from Brooklyn, N.Y.

April March has been a part of the American pop landscape for the past decade. You have seen her name on garage-rocking records by the Shitbirds, the Makers, and Los Cincos, but April's music career kicked into higher gear when she met French producer, Bertrand Burgalat. Together, they made Chrominance Decoder, which came out in 1998 on the Dust Brothers' Ideal Records.

The New Yorker named Chrominance Decoder one of the top ten albums of 1999. In France, the seminal magazine Rock et Folk named the album one of the top one hundred albums of all time!

Here is a brand new April March sampling from her new album "Triggers" including two unreleased tracks which are not on the album. For lovers of pop this new 12' will be a happy experience. Turning fairy tales on their heads, packing her favorite Nations in a well-worn suitcase, April March has made a career of playing with our expectations. This is the latest

side A
sometimes when i stretch
le code rura

side B
zero zero
the life of the party (unreleased instrumental mix)
triggers (unreleased vocal version)


7" - limited edition colour vinyl

Sweet but tart L.A. pop combo Candypants follow up their critically acclaimed debut with an anti-Christmas single--a tasty antidote for people sick of sleigh rides and silver bells. Wallow in the wonderful misery of the Bacharach-esque ballad "The Happiest Time of the Year"--sure to become a holiday standard--then bask in the sunshiney harmonies of "Cold, Cold Winter," their cover of the wistful Pixies Three tune. Featuring vocals from Lisa Jenio (the Negro Problem, Pussywillows, Ronnie Spector) and production by Darian Sahanaja (Wondermints, Brian Wilson). edition oif 1000 colour vinyl.



Shakin' Around is a 5- song ep featuring C'mon D.J. from their upcoming album. It's a full out pounder recorded with Greg Cartwright in Memphis. The Mo Tucker- inspired "Round and Round" is also from these sessions and available exclusiverly here! Also included are 3 songs recorded at Morphine headquarters Hi-N-Dry in Cambridge MA: sexed up blues lust in "Up in Your Room", hypnotic hot grind of "Shakin' Around" and "Grown on Me" the sweet, dreamy kind of thing they do so well. These songs also exclusive to e.p! With special guests Shawn Cripps, Greg Cartwright, and J.J Rassler of DMZ/ Downbeat 5.

King James, Crown Royal & A Colt 45


A monumental collision between the LA punk and art school scenes has spawned a new band that is equal parts lyrical cleverness and sultry deliverance. MISS DERRINGER throws down an artful montage of musical styles-from rootsy country to folk pop to prom punk-with ease and eloquence. Their debut album, King James, Crown Royale & A Colt 45, plays out like a musical diary of a haunted and hell-bent '30s starlet gone wrong, turning MISS DERRINGER into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde with a cast of accompanying characters. Songwriter, guitarist and future bank robber Morgan Slade has assembled a twisted and romantic world of adventure and passion that singer Liz McGrath (Tongue) delivers with all the conviction of a lovelorn partner in crime. Most notable for her career as an underground collectible artist, McGrath takes a cue from her dark, moody and slightly gothic artwork; her voice reveals the same feeling of lush sadness. Her sexy-cute off-kilter stylistics are reminiscent of Holly Golightly, April March and Hope Sandoval and she coos each song with sincerity and intensity, as if revealing an aural legend. Drummer Jeremy Szuder (Los Cincos), guitarist Mark Miller (Skeetertruck), bassist Sylvain DeMuizon and autoharpist/backing vocals Jula Bell (Bulimia Banquet/Bobsled) round out the tight-knit gang. Producer Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion/Adolescents) acted as the getaway driver. Watch out for your children, guard your women and lock up your valuables.


Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

3 song CD EP

L.A. transplant Jessicka ( ex-Jack Off Jill) now fronts the dark noise rock band SCARLING. (defined as "the smallest mark left on your heart by the healing of a severe injury"). Situated somewhere between a freeway pileup and a blissful coma, SCARLING. dish out a sophisticated audio violence that's capable of slicing up the frontal lobes of metal dullards, feminist femme fatals, and fey indie-rockers alike. "Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole" and "H/C" are produced by Chris Vrenna. "Creep" is a cover of a Radiohead song. This CD features original cover artwork by Mark Ryden.

"Scarling. sounds like being French kissed by the most beautiful beings in the world, and then being unable to stop the bleeding. Really alluring yet massive stuff." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"The Addams Family In Wonderland" - LIPSTUCK

"Like the Cure with bigger distortion pedals and a violent case of PMS." - FRANCE SHOULD


okay here's the dill pickle (deal):"ROOT DAMAGE" is a the result of a serious excavation through the blues/country/roots rock n' roll releases in the sympathy catalogue...there has been a lot of it through the years and it just seemed like time was due to take a closer look..."root damage" is a glorius and thoroughly unholy assemblage... the cover art was commissioned from rob and christian clayton...if you are unaware of the marvels of these rural rapscallions do yourself a favour and check them out at

CD Tracks:
Disc One
R.L. Burnside : Georgia Women - Billy Childish & Dan Melchior : Length Of Pipe - South Filthy : Hot Dog - Chris Wilson : Dark Haired Girl - Soledad Brothers : Shakey Puddin' - Compulsive Gamblers Featuring Jack Yarber : Rock 'N' Roll Nurse - Mr. Airplane Man : Sun Sinking Low - Junkyard Dogs : Lightning Bar Blues - T. Tex Edwards : You Ain't Never Gonna Live - Elmore Williams : Hoopin' And Hollerin' - Speedball Baby : Blackish Man - Mark Spitz Freestyle : Three Shiny Nails - Reigning Sound : As Long - Kirby Grips : Needless - Earl Lee Grace : Kitchen Girl - The Cool Jerks : Man And A Woman - Gun Club : Preaching The Blues - Deadly Snakes : Love Undone - Jack Oblivian : I'm Too Old For You - Holly Golightly : Anyway You Like It - The Blackhands : Black Girl - Junior Kimbrough : You're Gonna Find Your Mistake - Monsieur Jeffrey Evans : Otto Wood - Cedell Davis : Keep On Snatchin' It Back - Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops : Watching My Baby Get Ready
Disc Two
Je & Ill With Joe Coleman : Intro/Kiss And Kill - Oddball's Band : Hangdog Blues - Interstate Leisure Kings : Best Liquor Store - Big Foot Chester : Harpoon Man - T Model Ford : Morning Gown - Bob Log Iii : Daddy Log's - Tearjerkers : Bank, Gun, Jail - The Darlins : Take Me Dancin’ - Wreckless Eric : Harry's Flat - Compulsive Gamblers Featuring Greg Cartwright : Two Thieves - Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior : I'll Follow Her Down - Jeffrey Lee Pierce : Goodbye Johnny - Gibson Bros : Memphis Chicken - Revelators With Walter Daniels : Old Slew Foot - Panther Burns : Fun Mob - Geraldine Fibbers : She's A Dog - Lisa Marr Experiment : Shooting Stars - Robert Cage : Liza Jane - '68 Comeback : '68 - Workdogs : Our Good Man - Frank Roach : Alabama - Dan Melchior's Broke Review : Laughing To Keep From Crying - Pearlene : Burying Ground - Beck : Leave Me On The Moon

LP Tracks:
Side One
R.L. Burnside : Georgia Women - Billy Childish/Dan Melchior : Length Of Pipe - South Filthy : Hot Dog - Chris Wilson : Dark Haired Girl - Soledad Brothers : Shakey Puddin' - Mr. Airplane Man : Sun Sinking Low - Junkyard Dogs : Lightning Bar Blues
Side Two
Speedball Baby : Blackish Man - Jack Oblivian : I'm Too Old For You - Kirby Grips : Needless - Reigning Sound : As Long - Holly Golightly : Anyway You Like It - The Blackhands : Black Girl - Deadly Snakes : Love Undone
Side Three
Interstate Leisure Kings : Best Liquor Store - Big Foot Chester : Harpoon Man - Tearjerkers : Bank, Gun, Jail - The Darlin's : Take Me Dancin’ - Frank Roach : Alabama - Gibson Bros : Memphis Chicken - Compulsive Gamblers Featuring Greg Cartwright : Two Thieves
Side Four
Panther Burns : Fun Mob - Geraldine Fibbers : She's A Dog - Dan Melchior's Broke Review : Laughing To Keep From Crying - Robert Cage : Liza Jane - '68 Comeback : '68 - Workdogs : Our Good Man - Beck : Leave Me On The Moon


CD/LP (limited red vinyl)

Rock n Roll Holiday---- Oblivians live in Atlanta, GA, 8/19/94.... as Byron Coley put it in SPIN magazine (top ten lps you never heard for the year)..."There are a lot of sloppy-assed drunks in the world, but damn few of them know how to put together a truly great record. One trio of booze-addled creeps who do know how to slap out beauty is Memphis's own Oblivians. This live album is the crude and vital distillation of fluid that runs from the Downliners Sect to the Gorillas to Halo Of Flies to Thee Headcoats, straight into the Oblivians' veins. Pure, basic, no-values pounding that sounds like it was recorded on shoe leather. Just perfect." Originally a limited edition of 200 copies and sold while on tour in Europe. Great crowd, great sound, inspired show, recorded by Chunklet magazine's Henry Owings. Dedicated to King Louie... 16 great songs.

Motorcycle Leather Boy / Viet Nam War Blues / Jim Cole / Feel Real Good / Static Party / And Then I Fucked Her / Someday You'll Be Loved / Love Killed My Brain / No Reason to Live / Plate in my Head / Shut my Mouth / Happy Blues / Blew my Cool / Shake Your Ass / Nigger Rich / Never Change

THE FONDAS - Coming Now!
CD/LP (limited blue vinyl)

The Fondas, currently known only in thier hometown to motor city hipsters are about to change all of that with the release of their self-titled debut album which is bursting with their unique style of sexy Motown/Rock 'n' Roll.By fusing various aspects of Detroit's killer Rock and Soul history, THE FONDAS cover and compose songs to create a live set that will challenge any band in Detroit or anywhere else. With a big beat rhythm section and tube amp hollow body guitar sound by X-DETROIT COBRA, Steve Shaw along with the sweet, but tough girl vocals by Foxy Julie Benjamin, their influences range from the primitive Detroit R 'n' B sounds of the Fortune and Lupine labels (covering Nolan Strongs "Yeah Baby" and the Falcons "What to do") as well swinging, straight ahead rockers (like Del Shannons "Hey Little Boy" and THE FONDAS own compositions like "A Little Bit More" and "I Wanna Be").With reverence for the past and great new original compositions, this release by THE FONDAS will serve as a manifesto to the world that Detroit Rock 'n' Roll will survive for generations in a way that is both timeless and
absolutely legitimate.

TRACKS: yeah baby / what to do / work out / hey little boy / where is love / wildman on the loose
watching the late late show / I'm so glad / I dont know (what to do) / I wanna be / stop the world / your heart belongs to me / daddy loves baby / Down in the Basement pt.1

7” Single (limited pink vinyl)

On their debut single this Detroit combo bash their way through "Wanna Be", a killer garage pop power anthem featuring Julie Benjamin's tough girl vocalsand a fierce display of TROGlike guitar and drum.



WANDA JACKSON - Heart Trouble
LP only

We are very excited about working with Wanda Jackson, who's not only a pioneering woman in rock and a country music legend, but who is also still rockin,' attracting new fans all the time with her amazing live performances.The songs for Heart Trouble include a few newly-invigorated Wanda Jackson classics ("Mean Mean Man", "Funnel of Love","Let''s Have a Party"), a hip selection of country and rockabilly standards ("Cash on the Barrelhead", "Crying Time") as well as several new tunes written by Rosie Flores, James Intveld, Paul Kennerly, Kelly Willis, and Jaime Hanna (of The Mavericks).

Did we mention guest stars? How about roots-rocker Dave Alvin; and Elvis... Elvis Costello, that is! Plus rockabilly star Rosie Flores, post-Punk/psychobilly pioneers The Cramps (Poison Ivy and Lux Interior themselves!), and The Cadillac Angels.

The duet between Costello and Jackson, "Crying Time", was recorded 'live' in the studio (Elvis insisted on this), using Costello's hand-picked musicians, including pedal steel guitarist John McFee and drummer Pete Thomas.

The top-shelf rhythm section is super-solid and roots-deep: guitarist Smokey Hormel (Beck, Johnny Cash, Smokey & Miho); bassist Larry Taylor (Canned Heat, Tom Waits), and drummer Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits, The Fabulous Thunderbirds).This past January, L.A. Weeklyís Jonny Whiteside declared, "Wanda Jackson, the sassy, growling Okie rockabilly chick who favored uptown formal wear over Western-themed gear and has the audacity to lead a mixed-race band during the rockabilly heyday, easily ranks as one of the all-time most radical country-music anomalies. With a set list of volcanic numbers ('Let's Have a Party,' 'Fujiyama Mama') and a stinging guitar style all her own, Jackson never followed the prescribed route yet managed to carve out a highly successful career... Jackson's mastery of frantic ravers, country weepers and gospel soul-stirring has scarcely diminished; she still conjures them all with high-toned skill and an unusual brand of down-home elegance youíll find nowhere else."

Side 1 -1. Heart Trouble 2. Cash On the Barrelhead 3. Funnel of Love 4. Woman, Walk Out the Door 5. Crying Time 6. Mean Mean Man 7. It Happens Every Time
Side 2 - 1. Any Time You Wanna Fool Around 2. Lonely For You 3. What Gives You the Right 4. It'll Be Me 5. Walk With Me 6. Let's Have a Party

Licensed from CMH Records who will be releasing the cd version with 3 additional tracks


How can the world be so beautiful and yet so troubled? When will the truth be revealed? Why am I so nervous all the time? What's wrong with my country? Who holds the key to happiness? Am I the crazy one? Where is home? Do I control my own destiny? Must every great love end in disillusion and despair? Why?The answers to these questions and many more may be found on "American Jitters", the new album from the Lisa Marr Experiment. Following up their critically acclaimed and crowd-pleasing debut, The LMX (Lisa Marr: vocals, bass; Mike Flanagan: guitars, vocals, etceteras; Marty Beal: guitars; Dave Philips: pedal steel; Sherri Solinger: percussion) is back with an unflinching look at the pocketful of sorrow that is modern existence.

Sixteen songs of true heartache, heartbreak, revenge and resurrection produced by David Carswell, John Collins (New Pornographers) and Marty Beal. Exquisite artwork. All brought to you by the fine folk at Sympathy for the Record Industry.

TRACKS:Shooting Stars / Monday Morning, Echo Park / Slaughterhouse Ceiling / I've Given Up
Unemployment Line / Green Expectation / All Of This Pain / The Return of Donna Lee / The Boy With the Lou Reed Eyes / Slim / Niagara, Niagara / Little Red Bird / Do You Really Wanna Know / Green Lights / Iron Girl / Carolina's Last Ride


From the eerie sexy reverb-heavy land of Memphis comes the 3rd release by Boston's Mr. Airplane Man. Recorded with the high minister of sultry melancholy soul Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivians)|"C'mon DJ" is full of tough hypnotic mesmerizing sounds. The fragile dreamy girl group thing that got started on last year's "Moanin" has a strong presence on this lp w/"Don't Know Why", "How Long" and more. Then there's the explosive raw yearning of title track "C'mon DJ", "Don't Know How to Love" and "Wait for Your Love". And the horny grab him by the ? bluesy rockers "Up in the Room" (recorded w/Jon Peel), "Make You Mine" and "Red Light". The covers run the gamut from Howlin Wolf to the Wailers to Chuck Berry to the Outsiders. Mr. Airplane Man is Margaret on guitar and vocals and Tara on drums vocals and organ. Guest spots by Greg Cartwright and Shawn Cripps of the Limes. This is a juiced up and tough yet also sad and lonely record. Turn on the red lights and dance.

TRACKS: 1. Up in the Room 2. Don't Know How to Love 3. C'mon D.J. 4. Don't Know Why 5. Round and Round 6. Travelin' 7. Wait for Your Love 8. Lonely Road 9. Red Light 10. Make You Mine 11. Hang Up 12. Dreamin of You 13. Asked for Water 14. Fallen 15. How Long



From Buffalo, NY, the Bloody Hollies have stood apart from crybaby nonsense passing itself off as rock n roll through their chaos-inspiring live shows. Comprised of Wesley (guitar, vocals) Phill (bass) and Mike (drums), the band has a sound that many words have been used to describe: punk, blues, garage, and rockabilly. But one word inevitably comes up: Rock N Roll, The word that the band has used as a weapon against mediocrity since the band decided to take action in late ’99. When asked about the origins of the
band, front man Wesley Doyle explained “We basically formed as a retaliation against everything we hate, the Buffalo scene had a virtual non-existence of rock-n-roll, and an over-abundance of emotional poser bands.” With a new album entitled Fire At Will, to be released in September 2003, The Bloody Hollies plan on getting your ass up and moving, even if that means they have to kick it themselves. If Buddy Holly had survived the fifties, been cryogenically frozen for the whole of disco, thawed in Buffalo at the close of the nineties, and fed a steady diet of amphetamines and Pop Rocks, he might have sounded something like his quasi-homonym namesakes-if he was lucky.


On The Prowl/Come On

7 inch

This fierce little slice is number 666 in the elusive Sympathy catalog...We've had bands asking for this enviable spot for a couple years, but we were saving it for something very very very special...THIS IS IT KIDS !! Not only are ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT an undeniably talented live force in an ever growing sea of totally rank and stanky mediocrity (i.e. wet shit) they are among our best friends and they continue to blast out nothing but, classy manic rock 'n' roll...As proof we offer two EXCLUSIVE incredible tracks on this long awaited single...And as if that weren't enough not only have we got ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT, we've enlisted local hotshit artist, Nathan Cabrera to execute an equally brilliant cover for it...So take the cottonballs outta your ears and put your panty shields in place, this one is a fuckin' scorcher !!

SFTRI 709/FF2 003
RED KROSS - Neurotica
LP only

Neurotica is one of the lost great records of rock and roll. Recorded in 1986 with producer Tommy Erdelyi, aka Tommy Ramone, Redd Kross pioneered a look and sound that would influence countless bands. Originaly released in 1987, Neurotica was doomed to a life in purgatory when the seminal 80's independent label, Big Time,
went backrupt.After years in the collectors circuit (fetching prices that rival the Beatles Butcher Cover), Neurotica is finally available to the mainstream public through Sympathy and Five Foot Two Records.

With a February, 2003 release, this remastered, deluxe edition is on colored vinyl, with alternate cover photo, and an additional rare extra track from these legendary sessions. Considering the influence that Redd Kross has had on the current crop of garage band superstars, Neurotica sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released.

Side 1: Neurotica / Play My Song / Frosted Flake / It's the Little Things / Janus, Jeanie & George Harrison / Love is You
Side 2: Peach Kelli Pop / McKenzie / Tatum O'Tot & the Fried Vegetables / Ballad of a Love Doll / What They Say / Ghandi is Dead (I'm the Cartoon Man) / All of the Things / Beautiful Bye-Byes

SFTRI 708/708CD
Up for Sale/Written on the Bourgeois Body

7 inch/CD single

The International Noise Conspiracy Up for Sale/Writen on the Bourgeois Body/Weighing War on Coma CD EP. The pulse-pounding sounds of The International Noise Conspiracy come roaring into the music world with their diverse, lively & creative takes on corporate America, capitalism, sex and other intriguing topics. This tasty little slice shows a new side of this Swedish quartet. From the Sixties radical punk sound on their debut to a more diverse mix of MC5, The Kinks, The Smiths, James Brown, Primal Scream and modern R´n´B. Not retro, rather a step into modern rock music made for the new century...Writen on the Bourgeois Body and Writen on the Bourgeois Body are exclusive to these releases. exportable everywhere, man !!


Swaggering out of a burgeoning Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati metro rockscene,Pearlene is a blast of psychedelic blues boogie drawing from the voodoo of the Mississippi delta, the acid drenched rants of Captain Beefheart, and the punk edge of early Gun Club. Starting out in the summer of 2001 as a loosely organized,
whiskey fueled, late-night, loft party, hip shaking phenomenon, Pearlene quickly found itself sharing
stages from Detroit to New York City with bands such
as the Detroit Cobras, the Bassholes, and the White Stripes.This is sweaty, thumpgrinding, inebrious,rump-shake music.If you don't like to fuck or dance this is not your music.Their self titled debut,recorded entirely in a former Northern Kentucky Masonic Temple (the band's current hovel/drop-in center), features: 

Reuben Glaser - slide/lead guitar/vox
Johnny Walker -Doctor Soledad Brother#1. harmonica and rhythm guitar
Oliver Henry -jack of all tones -newest Soledad Brother/ex-Greenhorne lends his skills on tenor and baritone saxaphones. 
Jesse Ebaugh -Cincinnati session mogul,bluegrass badboy electric and upright bass
Dan Allaire -currently touring with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, drums

TRACKS: 1.Burying Ground / 2.Free to be on Your Knees / 3.Make You Shake (Don't mean Nothin') / 4.Gettin it #1 / 5.Naked Music / 6.Yer So Plain / 7.Gettin it #2 / 8.In The Beginning / 9.Earthshaker / 10 Gettin it #3 / 11.Whiskey and Gasoline / 12.Number 8 Hwy. / 13.Gettin out

Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

7 inch edition of 1000 (red vinyl)
7 inch black vinyl edition

L.A. transplant Jessicka ( ex-Jack Off Jill) now fronts the dark noise rock band SCARLING. (defined as "the smallest mark left on your heart by the healing of a severe injury"). Situated somewhere between a freeway pileup and a blissful coma, SCARLING. dish out a sophisticated audio violence that's capable of slicing up the frontal lobes of metal dullards, feminist femme fatals, and fey indie-rockers alike. "Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole" and "H/C" are produced by Chris Vrenna. This, their debut 7-inch features original cover artwork by Mark Ryden.

"Scarling. sounds like being French kissed by the most beautiful beings in the world, and then being unable to stop the bleeding. Really alluring yet massive stuff." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"The Addams Family In Wonderland" - LIPSTUCK

"Like the Cure with bigger distortion pedals and a violent case of PMS." - FRANCE SHOULD NOT EXIST ZINE

CD only

Boston's, The Downbeat 5 play rock 'n' roll rooted in the tough street corner melodies of the 60's girl group and
the raw guitar-driven adrenaline of 70's NYC punk. Jen Rassler's insolent vocals and punching guitar are backed by garage rock Green Beret, JJ Rassler, on lead guitar. His earlier guitar playing and songwriting for garage rock legends DMZ, The Odds and pop punk stalwarts The Queers seque smoothly into The Downbeat 5. Drummer Dan McCarthy and bassist Mike Yocco form a solid
rhythm section that the press has called "primal." With influences like The Shangri La's, The Animals, The Modern Lovers, The New York Dolls and The Stooges, along with their own original slant you've got a cool and extremely lethal mix -- and you've got the Downbeat 5 sound.

Live and Deadly (Memphis/Chicago)

CD/double LP

In this modern panarama of garage debris the imprint of the Oblivians is writ large. They influenced many of today's A-list bands even though they spent their short-lived history at the bottom. But what of their lesser known first band, Compulsive Gamblers? Greg Cartwright & Jack Yarber started this band together in 89' when they were introduced by a mutual friend. After a few line-up and name changes the band had solidified and began to produce it's first crop of songs, mostly originals with some off the wall covers thrown in. After about 3 years, 2 singles, and several recordings later the band fell apart due to members moving away. Greg and Jack started the Oblivians with Eric Freidl. As the Oblivians drew to a close in 98' Greg and Jack formed a revamped Compulsive Gamblers. 2 more albums and they called it quits again. The signature of the Gamblers was always the same, full on Rock'n'Roll balanced with soul and country ballads. Their aproach was intense and subtle at the same time. Last year the organizers for the Horizontal Action Festival in Chicago asked them to regroup for a onetime show. The 2 core members were joined by Greg's current band Reigning Sound. They had a rehearsal show in Memphis the day before which also included John Whittemore on Pedal Steel and baritone guitar. Both shows were recorded and are presented here for your listening pleasure on two vinyl albums or one CD. The songs run the gamut from very early material to songs from their last album together. The Reigning Sound provide amazing backup and reportedly learned all these songs in about 3 days. Pretty Unbelievable! If you don't know this bands songs this is a great introduction and if you do all your favorites are acounted for!

LP limited to 1000 copies

Bad Times CoverSFTRI 699

During a particularly bad stretch in 1999, Eric Oblivian (Oblivians), Jay Reatard (Reatards, Lost Sounds), and King Louie Bankston (Persuaders, King Louie One Man Band, Royal Pendletons) decided get together to record an album of songs they had worked up in their individual "bad times" outside of their regular bands. All three met in New Orleans for one day of practice and one day of recording. Jay Reatard's 3-track "Tape Hiss Is Good" Mobile Unit was used to capture the fury. A gong was used. Somehow, under the clank of empty beer cans and the stink of cooking cabbage, with vicious sisters-in-law attempting to smash the recording equipment and lecherous neighbors attempting to kill band members in car accidents, it all clicked and produced instant classics like the Pagans-esque roar of Louie's "Streets Of Iron' Jay's desperate and blistering "Trapped In The City' and Eric's ode to the premier midwestern rock n roll promoter "Jim Miller Bounce' Eric also "adapted" songs from Japanese 70s art-punk heroes Friction ("Crazy Dream") and current Japanese garage psychos Texaco Leather Man "Sometimes She Wants It''. Other songs referenced Chainsaw, Funkadelic, Hawaiian sumo legend Konishki, Bob & Earl, and vaccination. Despite the obvious greatness, the band never considered it finished and didn't think about releasing it until goaded by collectors from Germany, Italy, and Sweden who had heard the album on black market bootleg cassettes. These fans convinced Eric to finally release The Bad Times lp on his Goner Records of Memphis, TN in a co-release with Michael Bateman's Therapeutic Records. A pressing of 1000 sold out immediately, and a cd release on Sympathy was deemed necessary. Blank said "The first instant classic of 2002." Thrasher said "Don't pass up this one." And Horizontal Action zine said "your life ain't shit 'til you've got this record to ruin it right."

s/t CD only South Filthy Cover

The Memphis/Texas roots rock soul explosion! Teaming Memphis guitarists Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and Jack "Oblivian" Yarber with Texas harmonica feedback king Walter Daniels, veteran bassist "Blind" Lary Warner, and legendary drummer Mike Buck ( his credits include an original member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, the Leroi Brothers, Lazy Lester, etc.). Original songs and trashed out interpretations- Walter sings an unreleased Jeffrey Lee Pierce (founder of the Gun Club) composition- "LA County Jail." Msr. Jeffrey Evans offers two new songs- "Spyder Blues" and "Sandra Lynn's Blues", along with a great take on "Hot Dog." Jack Yarber sings his own tune, "Take the First Train Away from You," the soul gem "Bad Girl," and a song by a fellow Memphis songwriter, Shawn Cripps's "Grounded." The set is rounded out by a pass at the venerable instrumental, "When the Saints Go Marching In," and Texacala Jones (former vocalist of Tex and the Horseheads) joins South Filthy to howl through "Robin's Theme" from the Dan and Dale vs. Sun Ra lp. MERCY!!!

TRACK LISTING: / grounded / somebody in my home / hot dog / first train away from you / spyder blues / l.a. county jail / oh, when the saints go marching in / robin's theme / bad girl / spell of the big tits (is over) / sandra lynn's blues / surfin' in death valley /

Recorded at Toerag studios CD

Sympathetic Sounds Of London CoverToerag studios was set up in 1992 by 2 friends, Liam Watson and Joshua Collins, from the beginning it has been a popular place to record and since then has gone on to record hundreds of musicians from around the globe. Initial interest in the studio was largely due to the unique vintage recording equipment it uses, but since then has built a reputation for the sound found on the many records recorded there. After spending the last 10 years rolling tape, Toerag intends to do just the same in the future. The following tracks are either unreleased or recorded especially for this release.
1. The Ron Drand Orchestra "The Orbitus" Ron's identity is a secret, but under another name has a reputation as one of Britain's finest drummers playing the rocknroll idiom.
2. Teddy Paige's Jesters "London Cherry" The last Jesters record was released in 1964 on Sam Phillips's Sun label. It is an honour to include such an original and talented musician on this lp.
3. The Cobramatics "Puddings and Pies" Scottish r'n'b combo including members of the Kaisers, and featuring guest appearance by Gustav Temple, creator of the Chap Magazine and book the Chap Manifesto.
4. The Scoundrells "Goddam Girl" The latest band from Scientists lead guitar player Tony Thewlis.
5. Holly Golightly "Ruler of my Heart" Former Heacoatee continues to go from strength to strength in her solo career, most of which has been recorded at Toerag.
6. The Rapiers "That Old Yeah Yeah Feeling" The Rapiers are the world's number 1 British rock'n'roll guitar combo.
7. Billy Childish and the Buff Medways "Nurse Julie" Billy Childish is a living legend amongst underground music circles, and has done a lot to help Toerag. Here is a new track from his latest combo.
8. The Kaisers "Just A Little Bit" The world's current number 1 beat combo? All of the Kaisers fab studio long players have been recorded at Toerag.
9. The Bristols "The Way I Feel About You" Toerag studios manager Liam Watson is also a musician and this is one of his current bands, featuring French singer Fabienne Delsol.
10. Teddy Paige's Jesters "Moon Over Mankora" More from the legendary Memphis session ace.
11. Ludella Black "I've Just Seen A Face" Ludella started her career in Medway girl group the Delmonas and then went on to the headcoatees, here is her latest solo performance.
12. The Fire Department "Mental Block" Psychedelic mania from Brighton based Fire Department who have many fine Toerag recorded releases on various different labels.
13. The Quakers "Theme from What Will They Think Of Next" The Quakers are a studio band who have many music library releases and recordings used for British television. This track is an instrumental re-recording of the theme to a British Science program and was written by the band.
14. The masonics "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" The latest band from former Milkshakes Mickey Hampshire and Bruce Brand(also former Headcoat).

The Nomads
SHOWDOWN 2 - The 90's CD

About the band: In 1981 The Nomads kicked open the door and set the pace for Electric Frankenstein, The Hives and all the other pretenders to the throne that have appearred in the last few years... What else do you need to know ?? The Nomads will always be Sweden's premier punk/garage band !! About the album: It's a 2 CD collection with 21 tracks on each CD and with the second CD enhanced with two videos.CD 1 tracks 1-9 are from the "Sonically Speaking CD from '91 (never before released in the US), 10-17 are from "Powerstrip" and 18-21 are from "The cold hard facts of life" that released on Lance Rock.


CD 2 has tracks from singles and compilations (many for the first time on CD) except 17-21 which were recorded live at The Nomads 20th Anniversary show last summer with guest appearances from Handsome Dick Manitoba and Ross the Boss from the Dictators, Jello Biafra, Chris Bailey from the Saints and Wayne Kramer.

The Stuck-UpsSFTRI 702
Human Doll Express
CD only

Hey Motor & Doll Heads, Screaming out of Seattle, smashing glass and breaking hearts, The Stuck-Ups have unleashed album #2 just for you. The Anti-Mogul has given thumbs up to HUMAN DOLL EXPRESS The Stuck-Ups sophmore release on Sympathy for the Record Industry. HUMAN DOLL EXPRESS is set to coincide with a blitzkrieg tour of Europe (London, Paris, Belgium...) Including a throw down with the Buff Medways in London. This is essential. Three girls (and one boy) kicking, go-go'ing, screaming & fighting the righteous fight against the serious, the square, the mundane. You call it punk; they call it a job well done. For those about to rock, we'll abuse you. Fight the good fight.

TRACKS : / anywhere but here / straight and narrow / go for the girl / johnny / u lose / going under / human doll express / teenage zombie knockout / nightmare / piss off / stepping stone / get pushy

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appy polly loggies for being so incredibly fucking late with "THEIR SYMPATHETIC MAJESTIES REQUEST" volume was gonna be out in november (sympathy's 13th anniversary) then december (baby jesus' anniversary) and then january...

The double CD has 40 tracks and the double LP has only 28. Here is the track listing for the double CD: THE HUMPERS • apocalypse girl / DIESEL QUEENS • wanderer / LOLLIPOP • write me a poem / BABY LEMONADE • the only one / SUPERNOVA • electric man / D-GENERATION • wasted years / DWARVES • that's rock n' roll / SPECTRUM • indian summer / SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS • hey chuck berry / THEE HEADCOATS • confused man / THE WALDOS • seven day weekend / THE FRIGGS • mama look at me now / DEAD MOON • richochet / LUNACHICKS • light as a feather / JACK O’FIRE • branded / STIERKAMPH (turbonegro) • pain in der ass / TEENGENERATE • no reason to complain / REDD KROSS • any hour, every day / GUN CLUB • cry to me / MAN OR ASTROMAN? • war of the satelites / JUNKYARD DOGS (supersuckers) • breakin' the law / FUR • i'm not coming / THE MYSTREATED • nothing baby / PHENOBARBIDOLS • this pill / THE MUFFS • big mouth / TRASHCAN SCHOOL • volume war / EL VEZ • esta bien mamacita / PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES • crazy times / CLAW HAMMER • malthusian blues / WRECKLESS ERIC • joe meek / DEVIL DOGS • long gone / NEW BOMB TURKS • long lost fight / S C O T S w/don howland • nakema / SACRED HEARTS • bottle of whiskey /’68 COMEBACK • chantilly rock / PONTIAC BROS. • almost human / MAD DADDYS • macho man / JET BOYS • get out my girl / TUB JOHNSON • tub's twist / ARMITAGE SHANKS• dutch cap /

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ROKY ERICKSON - The Evil One (Plus One)
Double CD:

There are many Roky Erickson albums but “The Evil One” originally released by CBS Records in Europe in 1980 was the first of them and, many would say the best." This re-issue also includes the five additional songs contained on the 1981 US release of “The Evil One” on San Francisco's 415 records and thus contains all of the Roky material from these great recording sessions produced by Stu Cook for Orb Productions from 1978 to 1980. For the first time included on this reissue are additional bonus tracks Roky Erickson Coverincluding earlier versions of mine mine mind, two headed dog, and click your fingers applauding the play previously released on vinyl by France’s Sponge Records in 1976. This record represents one of Sympathy's proudest and most important acheivements and "The Evil One" definately has a deserved and secure place among rock's brightest (and genuinely scary) moments.

Disc 1
1. Two Headed Dog
/ 2. I Think Of Demons / 3. Creature With The Atom Brain / 4. The Wind And More / 5. Don't Shake Me Lucifer / 6. Bloody Hammer / 7. Stand For The Fire Demon / 8. Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play / 9. If You Have Ghosts / 10. I Walked With A Zombie / 11. Night Of The Vampire / 12. It's A Cold Night For Alligators / 13. Mine Mine Mind / 14. Sputnik / 15. White Faces /

Disc 2 (plus one)
Recorded on August 20th, 1979
"The Modern Humans Radio Show."
1. Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play / 2. Modern Humans Show / 3. It’s A Cold Night For Alligators / 4. Modern Humans Show / 5. Creature With The Atom Brain / 6. Modern Humans Show / 7. The Night Of The Vampire / 8. Modern Humans Show / 9. White Faces / 10. Bloody Hammer / 11. Modern Humans Show / 12. Sputnik / 13. Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer) / 14. – 17. Modern Humans Show / 18. Mine Mine Mind / 19. Modern Humans Show / 20. I Walked With A Zombie /

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okay first here are some incredible recent releases that i hope you didn't miss :


SFTRI 649 - Mr Airplane Man • Red Lite CD/LP
SFTRI 650 - Jeff Evans • I've Lived A Rich Life  CD/LP
SFTRI 651 - Bantam Rooster • Fuck All Y'all  CD/LP
SFTRI 652 - The Excessories • Pure Punk For Pop People 
CD Only
SFTRI 653 - Les Sexareenos • 4 Track  7 Inch
SFTRI 654 - Reigning Sounds • Break Up Break Down  CD/LP
SFTRI 655 - Mr Airplane Man • Drive Me Out  7 Inch
SFTRI 656 - Reigning Sounds • Without You + 2  7 Inch
SFTRI 658 - The Von Bondies • Lack Of Communication  CD/LP
SFTRI 660 - The White Stripes • White Blood Cells  CD/LP
SFTRI 664 - Buff Medways • (Billy Childish) 3 Track  7 Inch
SFTRI 667 - The Von Bondies • Red Head Devil  7 Inch
SFTRI 668 - Tina & The Total Babes • She's So Tuff  CD/LP SFTRI 669 - American Death Ray • Welcome/Strange & Erotic World CD Only  
SFTRI 670 - The Come Ons • Hip Check  CD/LP
SFTRI 671 - The Del Gators • Mudpit  7 Inch
SFTRI 673/Swa 2009 - Beehive & The Barracudas • Plastic Soul  CD Only
SFTRI 675 - The Scientists • Blood Red River  CD Only
SFTRI 676 - El Vez • Boxing With God  CD Only
SFTRI 678 - The Nomads • Up-Tight  CD Only

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Beards Album Coverokay,
other very very cool stuff:

FUNTOWN - debut CD...

The Beards are Lisa Marr and Sherry Sollinger (buck/lmx) and Kim Shattuck (Muffs), they had an amazing track on the "How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute?" and their album produced by Jeff McDonald of Redd Kross fame promises to contain numerous super seductive smash hits and is guaranteed to shake up things real good and proper... AND also included at no extra cost "FUNTOWN" will include 11 videos (one for each track) by an array of america's hottest and sexiest filmmakers...


Roaring from the streets of Los Angeles, the Lords of Altamont burst onto the scene with their debut recording "To Hell With The Lords", exhibiting all of the best elements of garage/ punk rock fury rolled into one. Formed from the ashes of one of best surf/instrumental bands of the last decade, the Bomboras, the Lords features two of the integral members, Jake Cavaliere and Johnny DeVilla. Together they have taken the culmination of experience and created the Lords of Altamont. The Lords have the raw power and unbridled energy of the best punk bands, but the quality songwriting to set them apart from the rest of the pack. Cavaliere has the ability to spit fiery insults, while the rest of the band packs the final punch. The band is a marriage of the best elements of the Stooges and the Stones not only in their depravity but also through their musical assault. The Lords are ready to claim their place in rock's royalty.



They came from the outer limits of New York City, turned up their amps to 11, and gave a moribund Manhattan music scene its first great rock 'n roll band since the Velvet Underground. The Dolls were hardly played on the radio in their time but no band (save the Stooges, perhaps) exerted a greater influence on early punk rock. The first European release for this 12 track set was recorded for Radio Luxembourgand originally released by Red Star Records. When firing on all cylinders, as in this set,the Dolls were great. It's a little over the top in spots but it just wouldn't be the Dolls if Thunders didn't bellow his backing vocals all over Johansen's lead while Sylvain delivered the occasional duff chord. This live album captures Johansen, Thunders, Sylvain, Kane and Nolan at their peak. The percussive thrash and mangled vocals of "Personality Crisis", "Pills" and "Vietnamese Baby" show how they were the obvious prototype for the Sex Pistols and a thousand other punk acts


don't even know if this one has a title yet, but Billy says it's weird, hmmmm, well he said it's sorta childrens (childish ??) songs, but i suspect it'll contain at least a little bit of everything everyone likes and treasures about the world's most prolific recording artist...(HIGHJACKED IN LIMBO) (CANCELLED)


yep, number 2 in the series is currently being reecorded, here are brief descriptions of each band, along with their histories : The Cheating Hearts - 3 kids out of the small town of Chicoutimi, a party mecca 6 hours out of Montreal. Take the dirty blues/rock’n’roll of the Oblivians, Cramps, filter it through the most drugged-out Heartbreakers shit and add some Stones-y guitar. This young rock’n’roll trio gets the girls’ knees shakin and their asses grindin’. Scat Rag Boosters - Raw, primitive Montreal blues-punk trio (two guitars and drums) a la Gories/Oblivians that has existed since 1995. They have released four 7”s in the US, France and Italy, and have more stuff coming out soon. They have been courted by many labels including Crypt Records, have toured the US and been getting excellent reviews around the world. Les Sexareenos - True rock’n’roll for dance-parties and make-out sessions. The best elements of garage, punk, soul, frat, R&B, soul and rock’n’roll. The Daylight Lovers - Montreal punk rock’n’roll trio that combines the sound and excitement of the Devil Dogs with a love for more obscure 70’s punk and 50’s rock’n’roll. They have an LP on Sympathy. They’ve toured the US several times, and have been riding a wave of well-deserved live-show hype that continues to grow. The Del-Gators - 6-member Montreal Soul/R&B/Rock’n’roll band who formed about a year ago. LP/7” on Sympathy. They manage to capture the best elements of Specialty and Sue, while incorporating the magic of the early Stones. Powerful dual-gender vocals blend perfectly with a band steeped in loose, soulful reverance. The Deadly Snakes - These 7 Toronto nogoodniks have been churning out Stax-influenced, sweat-soaked, barroom rollers for a couple years now, turning heads and converting the lame. Great shit that’s worth the hype. Ray Ward & The Sharks - New Montreal trio featuring 2 guitars and drums. There hasn’t been rock’n’roll like this since the days of Dale Hawkins, Johnny Carroll and Eddie Cochran. This trio captures the sound and energy of Sun Rock’n’roll. Without being retro, this is a tribute to a long lost legacy. True to the classic sound – a must for rockabilly and rock’n’roll fans alike. Wrong Doers - Newish Montreal duo. They blend country and blues influences with a fucked-up punk energy. Very noisy, very stripped-down and loose without comprimising their power and intensity. They have upcoming singles set for Europe. Sardines - 4 disenchanted kids from Toronto get together to play a cool mix of southern soul, garage and anything else that passes through their corrupted heads. Very new and very cool – like Booker T. fronting the Milkshakes. Royal Routes - Trashy Montreal 3-piece who play desperate soul and rock’n’roll so loud you have to dance from going into a fit of abandon. They crazily grab at a catalog of intuitive influences and spew it out with almost no focus – you can hear where they’re coming from, but have no idea where they’re going. Another band that proves Montreal to be an incredible city for rock’n’roll. BBQ - One guy playing drums, guitar and singing at the same time. The dirtiest mix of soul/rock’n’roll/doo-wop and R&B. Guest female vocals create cool duets. Crazy. The Gangbangs - Very intense, full-blast punk rock a la Crime or early Black Flag that numbs your senses. The kind of music that makes you squint, from a band who can see inside your head. Upcoming release on Sack O’Shit. They came out of nowhere, and are the talk of the town with their timeless, naturally punk sound. No posturing.

American death Ray Album CoverSFTRI 688

RADIO IS DEAD! So word has come down.All the way down. And what to do? D.J.s and music lovers! broadcast from the the rooftops and the dark recesses of clubs where wild dances are set in motion! And build your own transmitters and towers to send the crackling signals of new electricity across suburban skies.The time is now! Viva L'American Death Ray Music! Smash Radio Hits the 2nd lp from this allstar five piece including Richard Crook on drums,introducing Harlan T. Bobo on bass,Brendan Lee Spengler on keyboards,the lovely Suzie Hendrix on saxaphone,and Nicholas Ray on guitars and vocals.Recorded at Easley McCain Studios Memphis. The sound you ask?Well it can be aptly decribed as an intelligent use of the last thirty years of rock and roll and beyond.So by all means buy, steal our borrow this record today.

Track Listing: / Miss America(what goes on) / Do the Switch / Air (Satellites and Shooting Stars) / Arms so Long / Baby Lightning / Do the Math Jim / Roller Coaster Ride / Long Last Valentine /


The Knockouts sit on the fence. Maybe rock, maybe garage, maybe country, maybe soul? Confusing enough?  Don't worry, it all works out in the end..  On their self-titled debut album, each song is a brief testament to the varied influences and background of the bandmembers.  The band is led by Ko-- the bass-player and lead singer in the vein of Phil Lynott but with better songs than Thin Lizzy.  Eddie Baranek of the Sights and the Come-Ons brings his six string prowess and pop-tinged songwriting to the table while Jeff Klein of the Lost Kids and Jack Oblivion Band keeps everything steady with a beat that makes Ringo jealous. The band represents a solid link in the never-ending chain of popular music, singeing the ears of the Detroit crowd.

TRACKS: / 1.Cry No More / 2.Go-getter / 3.Wasted all Those Tears / 4.Set Me Free / 5. You're on My Mind / 6.You did it Now / 7.It's Alright / 8.If I / 9.Twisting Postman / 10.I really Hate You / 11.(I Wanna) See You Again / 12. Black And Blue /


"New Wave Boyfriends", the latest from the power-pop wonder that is The Chubbies! Jeannette recorded this 9 song full length with the help of Roy Sweeden, another nobody from the Inland Empire, the place she was born and raised and still lives. New Wave Boyfriends is like opening up your yearboook and seeing the horror that was high school. That "New Ro" guy, that "Goth", the "Punker", the "Stoner" boys, they're all here. And she names names.

Yep, each song title's a guy's name from her past and each story makes you feel like tying a rag in your hair, donning some sort of neon and skanking all the way to your locker.So, have a bitchen' summer, stay as cool as you are and she'll see you next year in homeroom!

TRACKS : / Johnny Breathe / Brian / Davey, I'm A Shooting / Ricky, You Shouldn't Be Spying On Me / C'mon Christopher / Randy (Have A Bitchen Summer) / I Adore Theodore / Kevin's Heaven / Joey's Hero /

Scientists Release CoverSFTRI 694

The Scientists’ ‘Blood Red River 1982-1984’ charts the progress of 4 scrawny youths from Perth, Australia as they travel to Sydney, defiantly grow their hair, don the tackiest seventies op-shop threads that no one else would be seen dead in and heap more discordance , distortion and disturbance on to two chords than anyone would dare to up until that point in time. For 2 years they dominate the Sydney rock and roll scene then vanish as quickly as they came. In their wake they leave behind Swampland, We Had Love and Blood Red River but what happens to them after that? Do they all give it up to get ‘real’ jobs after having sewn their wild oats? Are their bodies recovered from a plane crash and repaired by Tibetan monks giving them super human powers to be used only for the good of mankind. Not quite. These guys are on a mission and they are not going to be stopped by mere geography. There are many adventures awaiting the boys in Britain and Europe. There are the big name support tours, the big record deal, the big legal mess, and the rest of the excess that goes with being ‘the next big thing’. It eventually all ‘goes pear–shaped’, of course, but in the three years they spend in England they are able to remain on their remarkable musical trajectory and continue to create music that both challenges and rocks. The Human Jukebox 1984 –1986’ follows ‘Blood Red River 1982-1984’ as the second in the series of Scientists reissues to be released on Sympathy For The Record Industry. It charts this trajectory right up to the band’s ‘swansong’ ‘The Human Jukebox’. Sandwiched between ‘Jukebox’ and it’s ‘mirror’(equal but opposite) equivalent ‘Atom Bomb Baby’ is a whole world mapped out in 3 chords, twisted grooves and jagged guitarscapes. Hear the ‘future –retro’ of ‘It Came Out Of The Sky’, the ‘primitive techno’ of ‘Psycho Cook Supreme’ the audacity of their cover of the James Bond theme ‘You Only Live Twice’, and, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more distorted, the title track itself, ‘Human Jukebox’. Hear the Scientists playing at their tightest on tracks like ‘Go Baby Go’ and ‘Atom Bomb Baby’ and at their very loosest on their ‘torch’ ballad ‘Shine’. If you own ‘Blood Red River 1982-1984’ this is an essential companion piece. If you are looking for an alternative and novel soundtrack for the eighties revival playing in your head then go no further. If you are simply interested in having an artefact of one of Australia’s more important yet paradoxically lesser known musical entities ‘The Human Jukebox 1984-1986’ is a ‘sound’ investment.

Tracks: / 1. Atom Bomb Baby / 2. It Came Out Of The Sky / 3. Leadfoot / 4. Hell Beach / 5. Psycho Cook Supreme / 6. Go Baby Go / 7. You Only Live Twice / 8. If It's The Last Thing I Do / 9. Shine / 10. Distortion / 11. Braindead / 12. It Must Be Nice / 13. A Place Called Bad / 14. Human Jukebox /

The Cool Jerks Album CoverSFTRI 689
THE COOL JERKS - Cleaned A Lot Of Plates In Memphis

Rock-n-Roll ainít dead yet! While rare in music these days, these are songs with style, poignancy, and taste. Straight from the heart of the South hail The Cool Jerks, turning the respirator off of rockís dirty carcass, and making the bitch dance! The Cool Jerks are from Memphis, Nashville, and Oxford, MS, and feature members of The Neckbones, The Oblivians, and this guy named Scott. This record is sure to please even the most discerning rock fag, and is a must-have for anyone that wears rock-n-roll on their stupid rolled up sleeve.

Tracks : / Memphis Blues Again / Certified Fool / Why Can't I / Heart Attacks / Got Damned Again / Friend Of A Friend / Whole Wide World / When A Man And A Woman Are One / Sweet Sweet Caroline / Memphis Daze / Who You Been Runnin' To? / Let It Go And Rock /

Mr Airplane Man Album CoverSFTRI 690

On the heels of their ultra-cool debut sonic assault, Red Lite, the genre-defying duo MR. AIRPLANE MAN release their new album Moanin'. Recorded with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit and mixed by Greg (Oblivian) Cartwright in Memphis at Easley Studios., Moanin' is the bigger louder and clearer answer to the grisly no-fi racket of Red Lite. Moanin' dishes out more of that window smashin', ass-movin abandon with songs like "So Uptight" and "Somebody's Baby". The old slide-guitar gets pulled out for an amped up version of HOWLIN' WOLF's "Commit A Crime" and the BO DIDDLEY inspired "Like That". Alongside the primitive blues and garage-punk grit are the dreamy wistful sounds of "Wanderin'" and "Jesus on the Mainline". And just when you thought that was enough these two sirens pull out the pretty harmonies and nuggets-influenced pop songs "Not Livin' At All" and "Very Bad Feeling". If the air-brushed rock n roll and "feel good" blues of today leaves you cold, you'll find a lot to apprectiate here. You'll be doing crazy drunken dances in your apartment. Coming soon to a town near you.

Tracks: / 1. Commit A Crime / 2. Like That / 3. Moanin' / 4. Not Livin' At All / 5. Wonderin' / 6. Oh Oh/So Uptight / 7. Podunk Holler / 8. Drive Me Out / 9. Very Bad Feeling / 10. Somebody's Baby / 11. Jesus On The Mainline /

The Kirby Grips Album CoverSFTRI 696

The turntable turns, the Washing Machine circulates, the Earth rotates and your mind spins out of control. Don't jump ship or vote for the Pity Party just Put Another Record On and check out the second full-length release from this San Francisco area band. Hear the sounds, open the wine, apply a dollop of Space-Age Polymer, write in your Slam Book, do the German Shimmy All The Time and Needless to say you will reach your Villallegre (happy place).
With influences ranging from The Jam, Neil Young, Blondie, Brenda Lee, The Ronettes and The Kinks the Grip-women offer up another hip-shaking 12-song testament to the healing power of pop. The group combines old school sensibilities,folk, classic rock and has roots in punk and underground rock. The combination creates a unique rocking all girl group sound full of contagious chords and harmonics. The Enterprise-Record EXPORETABLE EVERYWHERE

Tracks: / 1. Washing Machine / 2. All the Time / 3. Slam Book / 4. Trawling for Sinners / 5. Needless / 6. Put Another Record On / 7. Villallegre / 8. The German Shimmy / 9. Bill's House / 10. Pity Party / 11. Space-Age Polymer / 12. Rotations

And Yet More Super Bitchin And Totally Rad Stuff Coming Soon:

666-Rocket From The Crypt 7 Inch (Not Out Yet)
672-Georgia Peach/Scott Morgan • 7 Inch (Not Out Yet)
674-Holly Golightly • CD/LP (Not Out Yet)
681-The Nomads • Think Of As One 7 Inch OUT NOW
683-The Wildebeests • Annie Get Ya Gnu CD Only (Not Out Yet)
684-Kyra La Rubia 7 Inch (Not Out Yet)
687-The American Foxes CD Only(Paula And Chela Peep And Some Short Fuses) (Not Out Yet)
691-The Done Wrongs (Jason And Don Von Bondie And A Couple New Chicks) CD/LP (Not Out Yet)
693-Bantam Rooster CD Only (Not Out Yet)

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Question: Guess who's putting out the next album
by the white stripes ??
How Many Chords??

Answer: nope not sub plop...nope not flat possum and nope not any of the other ten labels that've been beating endlessly/hopelessly at jack and meg white's door..the answer dear readers is the friendly folks at sympathy will be....need i tell you how thrilling this is ??of course this deal did not come easily, it became necessaryfor me to sell my near complete collection of the farmers almanac, my taxidermied kiwi bird, my petrified dinosaur dung cuff links and what was left of my one good kidney, Ready For Dutybut needless to say it will soon prove to be worth twice the price and in the long run i'm certain this investment will buy me tons of cat litter and lots of swell designer shoes for all of my illegitimate children...Mega Meg Cutting The Cake

the new record tentively titled, "white blood cells" will continue to establish the white stripes as an exciting and increasingly talented brother sister duo the likes of which has not been seen since the collins predicition, correction, promise is that the white stripes are gonna continueto shake EVERYTHING up real good and proper and by the close of 2001 they will have secured themselves a much deserved place in the history books which document the best in blues and rock n' roll....

Check out Monkey Jimmy's Friend:
Lucas is 5 years old. He likes what any other five year old kid would like...Popcicles, scooters, going to the beach...He also likes the White Stripes. He listens to them whenever he's in the car with his mom. He believes that Jack White is 10 years old and is making up those songs for him and his friends. Check out his Jack White question/answer page at:

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august 2001


various amazing artists

"how many bands does it take to
screw up a blondie tribute album?"



les sexareenos

"14 frenzied shakers"



the stuck-ups

"the stuck-ups"



the lazy cowgirls

"here and now" (live)

cd only

september 2001


the tearjerkers (jack oblivian)

"bad moon rising"



beehive & the barracudas

"plastic soul"



tina & the total babes

"she's so tuff"


october 2001


the come ons

"hip check"



the scientists

"blood red river"

cd only


baby lemonade

"the high life suite"

cd only


american death ray

welcome to the strange and exotic world of...

cd only

november 2001


the nomads

"up tight"

cd only


el vez

"boxing with god"

cd only

december 2001





january 2002


various artists

"their sympathetic majesties request vol 2"

dbl. cd/
dbl. lp

stuff in the works/impending releases include debut albums by detroit's ko and the knockouts, and from l.a., the lords of altamont and the beards (kim shattuck & lisa marr), an album of premeditated weirdness by billy childish & sexton ming, a sophisticated new blast by miss holly golightly, the memphis and montreal volumes of "sympathetic sounds" and on the san diego/swami front; cd's by the total j.crane (jason of rocket from the crypt) and the infamous, beehive and the barracudas... well kids thats all the news that'll fit for nice to your mothers and say your prayers that our inane leaders don't lead us into the valley of the shadow of death...psssssst : and remember that swearing is the linguistic crutch of ignorant motherfuckers... colour me, long gone john xx

sftri 599        Blondie Tribute Cover
"How many bands does it take to screw up a blondie tribute ?

i know what you're thinking, "what's wrong this guy, did he really think that there weren't enough "tribute" records already ?" well, actually i did give that some consideration, like for about 5 seconds... hey ! it's my label and i can do what i want...well, i'm sure you'll probably think that nearly all of the "tribute" albums suck bigtime and i can't and won't attempt to argue about that...they most definately do...we why in my unceasing/increasing wisdom have i decided to now release one myself ?

hmmm, he thought, hmmm, he said, well, perhaps it's:
A) a complete lack of ethics
B) a total loss of artistic vison
C) just plain old stubbornness and insistance on flogging a dead horse (it's what you call a metaphor kiddies) or
D) it's because i've managed somehow against all odds to put together a
really amazingly cool tribute...

well, call it what you will, for whatever illogical reason it will exist and will hopefully fall into your hands...maybe you like blondie, maybe you like a couple of the bands included or maybe it'll be a gift from a discerning friend or relative...i don't really care as long as i get my money...blondie was once upon a time the most popular band in the world, the MOST popular band in the world...that was of course long ago, but they are still one of the few bands that somehow continue to stand up and stand out as an exceptional musical entity as the years continue to roll by...seems that blondie had it all : style, talent, timing and a hot, little number named debbie harry...debbie set the world on fire with one of the greatest, most versatile voices in recording history...she was glamorous and beautiful and no matter what she wore you knew that underneath she was still from the streets and through it all still a dyed in the wool punk at heart...blondie weren't really a punk band in the traditional sense, but they did embrace the ideology and did in fact slither outta the very same petri dish... blondie successfully broke down the established walls and opened the flood gates for hundreds of bands to follow... they were embraced by millions and really did set a major change into place in the world of rock n' roll and they vastly widened the scope of what was to become popular music... now i don't entertain the thought that any of the versions included here begin to rival the originals, yes i am pretentious, but even i occassionally employ restraint...i do think however that the blondie spirit is definately present...some of the tracks stay close to the original recordings while others are more adventurous and still others manage to push the boundaries perhaps even a bit too far, but that is of course for you to decide...this record was created for and exists as a celebration of blondie, a band that has been and will continue to be loved and appreciated till the end of time...a band that fought the laws of probability and won over and over again and invited us all along for the incredible joy ride...this is a collective thank you to chris stein, clem burke, gary valentine, james destri, frank infante, nigel harrison and debbie harry...thanks to each and every one of them because as the saying goes "blondie is a band"


beards - "always touched by your presence dear"
buck - "kung fu girls"
third grade teacher
- "atomic"
the short fuses - "maria"
the chubbies - "the tide is high"
the friggs - "little girl lies"
trinket - "in the sun"
excessories - "in the flesh"
candypants - "slow motion"
vyvyan - "i want that man"
the kirby grips - "hanging on the telephone"
annette de la cloche - "look good in blue"
the phenobarbidols - "11:59"

the come ons - "rip her to shreds"
tuuli - "accidents never happen"
hissyfits - "attack of the killer ants"
squatweiler - "call me"
the kowalskis - "detroit 442"
skrap - "dreaming"
space surfers - "heart of glass"
high school sweethearts - "living in the real world"
yellow scab - "one way or the other"
the loudmouths - "underground girl"
4gasm - "walk like me"
fur - "x-offender"

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"you've tried the rest, now go fuck yourself"