real name: silimith sian quirin
hometown: petaluma, ca
height: 5' 9"
measurements: 37 26 36
occupation: photographer
currently enticing men in what city: los angeles, ca
favourite power tool: jackhammer
pets: 1 boyfriend
turn ons: bearskin rugs, crackling fires, cognac
turn offs: indiscreet bodily functions
favourite saying/cliche: oh my god ! she's such a trainwreck
favourite group (music): madonna, elvis
favourite movie: the godfather
favourite t v show: solid gold
favourite cartoon: thumper
favourite comic book/fanzine: tigerbeat (not really)
favourite candy: raspberry truffles
favourite cocktail: the girl scout cookie, b-52's
last meal before execution: juicy filet mignon, rare
what it means to be a sympathy sweetheart: it is so important to me as miss
march to represent all the little green people of the world - keep reaching
for that rainbow

who i would like to meet (dead or alive): mark twain
ultimate dream: to win the lottery

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