real name: trixie hart
hometown: truth or consequences, new mexico
height: ????
measurements: use your imagination
occupation: ????
currently enticing men in what city: ????
favourite power tool: makita power drill
pets: ????
turn ons: a loud bike and a loose wallet
turn offs: a loose hand and a loud mouth
favourite saying/cliche: ????
favourite group (music): hank williams (none other than senior)
favourite movie: ????
favourite t v show: ????
favourite cartoon: amos and andy
favourite comic book/fanzine: ????
favourite candy: mary jane's
favourite cocktail: johnny walker red and soda
last meal before execution: steak, lobster and key lime pie
what it means to be a sympathy sweetheart: ????
who i would like to meet (dead or alive): ????
ultimate dream: ????

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