real name: naomi vega
hometown: los ageles, ca
height: 5' 7 1/2"
measurements: 34-24-36
occupation: school teacher
currently enticing men in what city: the western hemisphere !
favourite power tool: anything that instills adrenaline
pets: a classroom full of them
turn ons: groomed eyebrows, white teeth, a bitchin smile, a conversationalist
turn offs: b.o., dorky laughs, bad pick-up lines
favourite saying/cliche: barf me out
favourite group (music): ????
favourite movie: breakfast club/ferris bueller
favourite t v show: who's line is it anyway ?
favourite cartoon: mighty mouse
favourite comic book/fanzine: ????
favourite candy: blow pop
favourite cocktail: cosmopolitan/cape cod
last meal before execution: tommy's !!!
what it means to be a sympathy sweetheart: exposure
who i would like to meet (dead or alive): a sleesstack from the land of the
lost. i'd ask: i'm curious, where did your wise leader get his cape ?

ultimate dream: the life i have now

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