real name: heidi
hometown: spokane, wa
height: 5' 7
measurements: 36-27-35
occupation: accountant
currently enticing men in what city: long beach, ca
favourite power tool: chainsaw
pet: merlin
turn ons: boys who wear eyeliner and bracelets
turn offs: gross teeth, dirty nails
favourite saying/cliche: fuck the fall
favourite group (music): pink floyd
favourite movie: the wall
favourite t v show: ????
favourite cartoon: the smurfs
favourite comic book/fanzine: wonder woman
favourite candy: hershey's kisses
favourite cocktail: cosmopolitan
last meal before execution: taco bell with fire sauce
what it means to be a sympathy sweetheart: will my mom still talk to me after she sees this?
who i would like to meet (dead or alive): jim morrison
ultimate dream: see the sun rise over the ocean

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